Welcome to your high vibe as f*ck life!!

are you ready to transform your life and business?

Are you ready to stop second-guessing yourself every damn day, and finally move forward?

No need to start freaking out…

I see you.
I was you.
And most importantly… I’ve got you!

You are a 40+ woman, who just knows there is MORE..
…more Freedom, more impact, and more money in the bank!

I am your Zero BS, High Vibe As Fuck, Coach…
….ready to help you get everything that you want – and then some!

 Are you ready for the next level?
Do you really want it?



"Every coach needs a coach and I can honestly say that after 4 months of working with Dawn I cannot imagine her not in my life and business. The breakthroughs that I have had have been immense, both personally & professionally.

The shift in my thinking and mindset now means I value my worth and I am taking the right action daily whilst creating time to spend enjoying life with my family"

- Claire Cahill -

If you want results she is your woman!

"Dawn is a powerhouse, no nonsense, get it done (with sparkle) type of person, in her own life/Business and how she shows up for her clients and team members.

If you want results, she is your woman! If you are tired of complacency, she is your woman! If you want change, she is your woman! If you are ready to have the life and business you dreamed it could be, she is your woman!"

- Lynn Howard -


"Everything has just slotted into place. I have my eating under control - healthy and nutritious. I’m 5.5kg lighter!! Woo Hoo!! So giddy about that. I am walking, swimming and doing pilates weekly and I feel amazing.

I have a smile on my face every day that is so wide and often unprompted - love it!"

Dene Barnett


"Before I started working with Dawn, I often felt overwhelmed and I lacked the accountability to drive me forward towards my goals.
Dawn's coaching support has been transformative.

She has a unique ability to identify the root causes of my challenges and guide me towards powerful shifts and breakthroughs. Her unwavering support and guidance have helped to drive me forward and take action."

- Sandra Garlick MBE -


"I had so many lightbulb moments at High Vibe Live... I realised I needed help to break through my blocks. The blocks were me. I was holding myself back! Dawn has helped me see things differently, I can see my patterns. I know where I block myself.

It's tough at times, confronting the fact that it is me that's been the issue but also incredibly empowering. Now I am ready to challenge more limiting beliefs and triple my turnover. So that I can live the life I deserve and do the things I want to do."

- Jane Brook -