Been wishing you could carry me in your pocket?

I mean, it’s a bit weird but who am I to argue….

Introducing the High Vibe AF Club!

Never did ‘be careful what you wish for’ seem more appropriate, ‘cos with the HVAF Club I’ve got your back, your front, and every other direction covered – any time you like!

What’s it all about?

One of my own coaches talks about ‘one degree a day’ shifts, and I love this concept.

Sure, I am ALL IN for HUGE Transformational LEAPS, and sometimes, for whatever reason, you’re just not ready for those.

So, the HVAF Club is going to help you make tiny tweaks that ultimately lead to major transformations.

How’s it work?

You are getting direct access to me via a WhatsApp Channel ( one way, ‘cos we all know how annoying those constant ‘pings’ with the group updates are), backed up by a Private Facebook Group for monthly Q&A sessions with me.

We’re going to be sharing prompts to follow through your days, journalling techniques, affirmations, and even guided visualisations.

From time to time we’ll go a little more in-depth with mini challenges to really shake up your routines, and kick-start new habits.

We’ll be kicking off with one of these challenges in ‘Magic May’ that’s going to be all about getting more business for your business – so you’ll definitely want to join us for that!

How much is it?

This ain’t about draining your bank account faster than you can say ‘Manifestation, Baby’!!

Nope, this is Top-Tier Guidance for a fraction of the cost.

The HVAF Club is just £11.11+vat a month for the Founding Members.

No – that’s not a typo, it really is £11.11 – plus there’s no tie-in.

If you find out it’s not for you, then just give us a month’s notice and we’ll wave bye-bye with no hard feelings.

Ready to be part of it??

It’s time to uplevel every corner of your life with the High Vibe AF Club.
Trust us, your Future Self will thank you for this Cosmic Upgrade!