Hello You!

Let’s get to know each other.


You’re a woman in business, probably age 40+.
Once upon a time you had a really great career
And by ‘great’, I mean you got paid the Big Bucks

What was not so great was…

The never-ending hustle and grind to stay ahead, the red tape and politics.

Diane in Accounts and the 16 hours days, missing all ‘The Moments’ with your family and kids.

And so, one day Something Happened, and you just thought ‘Fu*k This Sh1t’, quit, and set up your own business…

Now you’re loving your business and all the freedom it brings in ‘some’ areas of your life BUT… you’ve never quite managed to earn the Big Bucks you used to, and between you and me, you’re really missing it.

You want the shoes, the bags, the fancy lunches, the spa days, the trips away with The Girls, and to treat your family and loved ones, whenever you feel like it.

You know you’re good at what you do but it’s just not translating into Actual Cash in the Bank.

Some days you get so fed up with it all, you think about giving it all up; but to do what?

You know that something needs to change.

You’re sick of feeling frustrated and stuck.
You want freedom and success.


Journalling & Meditating like a Mo Fo
Doing all The Self Development ‘Stuff’
Always ‘on the cusp’ of something amazing
Bank Balance still looks crap

I hear ya!! That was me!!

I believed in all ‘that stuff’ with all of my heart. I devoted hours and hours to these practices.

My life felt pretty good in general – I could see how ‘This Stuff’ was helping me BUT…I was still worried about paying the bills every month.

 I still couldn’t go to those fancy lunches with my friends.

I still dreaded being invited to some Big Event, as I knew I would either have to make up an excuse not to go, or scrimp around to find the money.

And so, one day I said to myself, ‘F*ck simply ‘tolerating’ life, I want MORE!’, and  I started to discover how my own Brain was working against me. And once I worked that out, I was able to make some HUGE changes in my life and business!  

Long story short – THIS was the missing piece.

I suddenly realised why all The Stuff hadn’t quite worked, and now I had a tool kit to use on a daily basis.

I had all the resources I needed to take what I knew, and apply it to my business. Finally, I could see a route to earning the Big Bucks, and it wasn’t the latest ‘6 Figure Blueprint’ and it didn’t come in a ’10 Steps to your first £10k month’; it came from inside me.

From learning how to deal with my own mind and how to think to myself.

If you’re tired of waiting for your bank balance to reflect how hard you’re working, then we need to talk.

What Else

Well, I’m a Mom, a Wife, a Daughter, a Doggy Momma, a lover of Kitchen Karaoke, a Dancing Diva, a Unicorn Fanatic, and an all-round lover of the High Vibe Life.

But don’t get thinking that it’s all rainbows and butterflies over here – I’ve had the tough times too!

Depression, Grief, Cancer, Financial Woes – tick, tick, tick, tick! ✔

Imposter Syndrome, Limiting Beliefs, Lack of Self-Worth, Feeling Stuck – tick, tick, tick, tick!! ✔

Hell, some days there’s still some of that around!

The difference now is, I’ve developed a tool-kit for dealing with these things, and that’s what I want to share with you.



“Every coach needs a coach and I can honestly say that after 4 months of working with Dawn I cannot imagine her not in my life and business. The breakthroughs that I have had have been immense, both personally & professionally. The shift in my thinking and mindset now means I value my worth and I am taking the right action daily whilst creating time to spend enjoying life with my family”

– Claire Cahill –

If you want results, she is your woman

Dawn is a powerhouse, no nonsense, get it done (with sparkle) type of person, in her own life/Business and how she shows up for her clients and team members. If you want results, she is your woman! If you are tired of complacency, she is your woman! If you want change, she is your woman! If you are ready to have the life and business you dreamed it could be, she is your woman!

– Lynn Howard –